About Kit Stars

Prepare for your new makeup brush addiction.

We all love luxurious high end  makeup brushes, we love them too - but with the Kit Stars Twist. What is the Kit Stars twist? Its very simple, we ripped up and twisted the jaw dropping high end price that comes with luxurious makeup brushes.  Yes we ripped it right up!

Our brushes have been driven by shape, movement, & makeup texture to ensure the end makeup on your client or your own face is effortlessly flawless. Kit Stars brushes are all hand made by master crafters using the highest quality components.

Our wooden handles are coated with layers of beautifully glossy black lacquer. This ensures your brush stays looking absolutely amazing. Our ferrules are made with solid copper, then layered with gold plate. Why is this important? Both copper & gold plate are extremely strong materials & this provides a weighted balance to your brush. 

Our natural/synthetic blended brushes contain high grade goat hair. We absolutely understand not everybody wants a natural fibre brush. Our brushes are also made with a super soft pure vegan hair to support all lifestyle choices. 

Our collection of luxury professional brushes and kit bags will always be high quality & honestly priced for you.

Our range of products will evolve and expand, so keep watching this space. We hope you enjoy our debut collection.

Kit Stars x