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Our all new eye makeup brush set with a value of £49.00 contains 6 different brush styles for various makeup needs. Ideal for eye shadow, eye brows, eye liner, concealer, blending and buffing.

Our eye makeup brush kit has been carefully hand crafted with premium quality materials and offers unparalleled performance.

This makeup brush set contains:

N30 small tapered blending brush

The perfect shape for detailed definition, delicate blends & contour through the socket. Its slim shape makes this the perfect all round blender for small eyes.

N31 tapered blending brush

With a softly tapered tip this brush is deal for all round blending and blending transition shades. Say goodbye unblended makeup.

N32 Shader brush Our shader brush gives you full control of colour placement & will evenly distribute your eye shadow. This is a paddle shaped brush to help pack on the pigment or deliver a sheer wash of colour where you need it.

N33 micro pencil brush

A precision eye brush and an essential for a softening precision blend. Use for precision application of tearduct highlight, smudging gel liner and pencil. It also doubles up as a precision spot concealer.

N34 feather blender brush Slightly elongated in its design, its rounded tip with a gentle taper guarantees the easiest blend ever. Ideal for any eye shape. Buff and blend away harsh eye shadow lines, also perfect for concealer & subtle nose shading.

S35 micro detailer brush

A precision multitasking hero. Designed to a short stubby gentle point in synthetic vegan hair. This brush will be your go to for micro detail work, spot concealing, lip clean up, liner & fluffy faux brows.

Our hand tied & hand crafted luxury professional brushes feature solid copper ferrules & are gold plated. Both are tough hard wearing materials to ensure longevity for your new brushes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Joyce Connor
Best brush set EVER!

I bought this brush set to replace another brand one I had. Wow they’re amazing. I’ve recommended them to my friends. Great value for money and so soft.

Elzbieta Stobiecka
Eye brush set

Amazing quality, great price & quick shipping.
I have two sets already and I will buy more.

Clare Flint
Eye Brush Kit

This is the 2nd eye brush set I have purchased.
Great value for money, and great quality.
I have these brushes in my pro kit and for personal use, I love them!

Eye set

Great quality and quick delivery

Denise Heydinrych
Love my brushes!

Dithered for a while over purchasing this set but so glad I did. I personally prefer black or brown bristles to my make-up brushes and the light colour of these initially turned me off. However I am really pleased with the quality of these and the aesthetics are great too apart from the bristle colour! Regarding performance they 'handle' well with a decent weight and feel to them. The brush in the using is excellent: soft, delicate and each one perfect for the job it claims to do! I am a particular fan of the micro pencil brush, ideal for lining the eye and the blending brushes are really superb. all in all a happy customer who will probably, in time, come back for more!